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For more than 70 years, the federal reservation known as the Savannah River Site has proudly served the nation
Born in the midst of Cold War secrecy, the Savannah River Site (SRS) has always operated safely and efficiently to execute its missions. During the Cold War, it produced one third of the nation’s weapons-grade plutonium and all of the nation’s tritium—both integral components of nuclear weapons.

When the Cold War ended, the United States no longer needed the amounts of new nuclear materials as before and a new focus began—on cleaning up the Cold War legacy and downsizing the nation’s nuclear complex. Other nuclear sites across the nation were closed down, and their materials were sent to South Carolina for safekeeping because of SRS' security excellence and unparalleled history of safety performance. Now SRS, and a handful of other sites, have became the bedrock of the United States’ nuclear future.

Today, SRS is an interesting contrast. Of its 198,000 acres, about 90 percent is pine forest and teeming swampland. The property is a National Environmental Research Park and is home to several endangered species. Waterfowl and other wildlife are plentiful. Entire areas have been razed, as they were home to buildings and operations that were no longer needed. Nature has begun to take those areas back.

On the other 10 percent, however, the business of serving the nation is still very real. In a reduced, centralized core, operations continue, some in refurbished, robust buildings that were part of the original construction in the early 1950s. Other work takes place in modern facilities that were designed and built to be an enduring part of the nation’s nuclear future. This work includes conducting research and development at one of the United States’ national laboratories; converting highly enriched uranium into materials suitable for use in commercial nuclear reactors; producing new tritium for national security; receiving and storing spent nuclear fuel from across the nation and around the world; consolidating the nation’s plutonium and uranium; managing wastes; cleaning up and removing excess buildings; and remediating soil and groundwater.

SRNS makes the world safer through disciplined performance in producing and protecting nuclear materials for our nation’s security, promoting global nuclear deterrence, and protecting the environment for future generations.

SRNS aspires to lead the Nuclear Operations industry by prioritizing safety and security, embracing change, investing in people, and employing a fierce commitment to innovative operations.

We uphold these core values because they provide the underpinnings for our success and for the overall quality of
performance expected of us as well as what we expect of ourselves as we pursue our vision for the Savannah River Site.

  • Safety and Security: We execute all aspects of our work safely and securely, continuously improving in pursuit of injury- and incident-free performance.
  • Integrity: We live by the highest standards of ethics and transparency for ourselves and our community.
  • Teamwork: We work to create and maintain highly effective relationships within our workforce, our customers and suppliers, and other stakeholders. We respect each other’s perspectives and share knowledge and resources to achieve excellence, deliver value and grow individually and collectively.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, delivering quality services of unmatched value, and constantly raising the bar on our performance.


Why Choose SRNS?
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions manages and operates the Savannah River Site, a 310-square-mile facility owned by the U.S. Department of Energy near Aiken, S.C. We operate diverse nuclear and research facilities, and manage infrastructure and support systems akin to those of a small city.

"Speaking of SRNS"
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Work and Home Life
SRNS understands the challenges facing prospective employees, and we're here to help you and your family learn more about our company and vast range of opportunities available in the CSRA.

Work Life:
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions offers employees a variety of benefits, including paid holidays; medical, dental, vision and other insurance benefits; on-site dining and exercise facilities; and other accommodations that make SRNS a compelling place to work. 

Home Life:
The Savannah River Site is located near Aiken, SC, and Augusta, GA. Both cities offer distinctly different but equal appealing personalities, with cultural events, restaurants and nightlife, sports and recreation, and educational opportunities for all members of the family. To find out more about the place we call home, click on the links below, or contact


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